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Pampers Philippines

Pampers Philippines

Photographers who are not used to shooting kids often underestimate how difficult it can be especially in a studio setting where are lots of lights, equipment and people. These different elements can either intimidate a child (or in this case, a toddler) or bring out the best in a child’s expression with a little preparation and patience from the whole team.

First thing’s first of course! Safety. We all had to make sure that not only did all the lighting equipment have to be at a safe distance and locked down securely but we had to ensure the integrity of the props and sets as well – no sharp edges or corners. Plus the presence of mind of not just everyone else’s but a trusty assistant/baby handler just out of frame to watch after the infant would prove invaluable. Another tip would be working around the best time when baby is active and in good spirits. Mommy know’s best, of course!

It surely takes an army, but if you make time to do all the homework and preparation, everything should be alright!


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Production Credits

  • Photography: Paulo Navarra
  • Agency: Mediacom
  • Client: Pampers Philippines

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