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GMA Netwrork: Amazing Earth

GMA Netwrork: Amazing Earth

Shooting outdoors can be quite a rewarding thrill – if you prepare that is!

Whether it’s just a park a few blocks away from your home or an exotic destination overseas, you can spare yourself from a lot of headache and stress if you can find out about the weather of your destination way beforehand. Having this kind of information will prepare for the necessary protection from the elements you must have not just for yourself but for the kind of gear you’ll be needing and protecting as well.

And whenever possible, do an ocular before the actual shoot and observe where the sun rises and sets and study what it does to the landscape. Being patient with finding out where the shadows will be will surely reap rewards with a landscape showing its best texture almost always at golden hour.

Pro tip, Come rain or shine, I carry a bunch of transparent plastic shower caps in my camera bag (the ones that come free at the hotel). It’s handy and it snugly fits the body of your camera and surely protects it from the elements while still being able to shoot and see the viewfinder.

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Checkout this behind the scenes video from my latest out of town, on location, mountain shoot!

Production Credits

  • Client: GMA Network
  • Photography: Paulo Navarra



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