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The National Museum of Natural History Manila

The National Museum of Natural History Manila

New buildings around the city are noticeably on the rise and quite a few of them have been refurbished, updated and repurposed as well. The ‘new’ National Museum of Natural History in Manila is one of the more interesting and compelling architectural feats that draws young and old from far and wide, selfie addicts included.

Housed in the former Department of Tourism building, the National Museum of Natural history has retained its neoclassical details with the addition of its more modern centerpiece called ‘The Tree of Life’, an impressive geometrical glass ceiling and elevator that emulates a DNA helix right at the very center of the building.

A number of galleries are already open with a few more that will be completed and accessible within the year. Even if it’s only around 50% complete, the museum continues to awe with the gigantic replica of the infamous Lolong, the largest crocodile captured in captivity and whose actual bones hang in one of the galleries, a Philippine eagle wing, and also a life sized model whale shark in the sea life gallery.

The interior is surely a joy to shoot with a wide angle lens and full frame body to capture the massive scale of the magnificent ceiling.

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