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Cain At Abel

Cain At Abel

I’ve worked with both Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo a number of times all on separate occasions in the past. Cain At Abel brings these two GMA stalwarts together in one exciting, action-packed production that tells of two brothers separated at childhood and then joined together years after in cruel twists of fate.

Both men are considered showbiz royalty and yet manage to remain grounded and humble having come a long way in their respective careers. I’ve worked with all kinds of actors in the industry and the most rewarding to collaborate with are the ones with a deep respect and utmost dedication for their craft. Both men have earned their place in the tumultuous and fickle industry and I have personally seen why. Giving direction during a photo shoot may be just as challenging as direction for television or film and it takes a certain chemistry, trust, skill and humility between actor and photographer/director to bring the right amount of emotion to be able to enhance the story of a photograph.

I’ve dabbled in theater, acting and directing back in college and I’ve done enough of it for me to decide that my life should take a different path. Those experiences surely came in handy when I found myself behind the camera and in a big studio. There’s a magic that’s created when people have a dedication to their craft and you don’t have to be an ‘artist’ for that. I believe that everyone is creative in so many different ways. It’s the commitment to this creativity that spells all the difference.

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Checkout how the magic is brought out in this behind the scenes video.

Production Credits

  • Client: GMA Network
  • Photography: Paulo Navarra

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