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PROMAMA Philippines

PROMAMA Philippines

The ability of a model to conjure just the right kind of emotion with her face and body as the photographer captures those decisive moments is part of the ‘magic’ of photography. There’s a dynamic here that may or may not result in the best images.

Working with a model (professional or not) is most rewarding when she doesn’t hold back, when she’s not afraid to look silly, when she infects everyone on set with her energy and when she gives more then what is asked with her – this is a portrait photographer’s dream. When this happens, the photographer has to keep up, with his lighting and exposure settings already on point and then the whole team is able to move efficiently.

On the other hand, when working with non professionals, a little more patience is required from the photographer to help the novice model be at ease. Giving specific situations for the model to imagine or playing some music appropriate for the scene does the trick.

Professional model or not, a lot of the great editorial and advertising images that we see are actually built on trust. I was lucky to work with my friend, neighbor and theater actress Gianina for this PROMAMA shoot. We both had a lot of common friends and experiences in theater while catching up during lunchbreak. With this dynamic, I couldn’t be happier with the turnout of the images!

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  • Photography: Paulo Navarra
  • Agency: Ogilvy

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