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Shooting from home

Shooting from home

It would probably take a longer while before a vaccine for covid is finally discovered. And until that time comes, we have to make do and actually learn to live with this virus. It’s during unprecedented times like these that we are compelled to add not just one or two additional hats to the ones that we are already wearing. As we are forced to isolate and shoot from our homes, we as photographers aren’t just tasked to capture images but to style them as well.

My few years studying to be a chef combined with the work that I’ve seen and observed from the best stylists in the industry have given me enough confidence to accomplish this one man effort. It’s added work and it’s quite taxing because of the extra attention to detail one has to give. Because of this, I have a renewed respect for the stylists who actually make photographers look good but sadly are left uncredited. I salute you guys!

The gallery shows my mom’s delectable fruitcake, my friend Carla’s melt in your mouth Lengua de Gato and my very own Boursin cheese recipe. Various props, appliances and furniture have been pulled out from different corners of the house and assembled in the makeshift studio I setup at the lanai. This was also a great opportunity to rediscover the home that I lived in for so many years. (May ganitong so and so props pala dito?)

While this pandemic has forced us to work from a distance, other ways of connecting have sprouted upwards and opportunities still abound even when it looks bleak all around. So keep shooting, keep creating and here’s hoping we all meet together at the studio real soon.

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