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Everyday, the world continues to change and with it, comes new challenges. All industries including our own must continue to adapt to ever-changing demands and our company Point Blank Manila is no exception. We welcome these challenges head on.

For the past few years, Point Blank has been your partner in providing quality imagery. Even if physical distancing has become our new normal, we believe that we can thrive even in an environment of remote production and supervision. You and our would-be clients can expect the same quality of work and professionalism while at the same time necessitating the health of all production staff crew. We have come up with guidelines and protocols to keep everyone’s health and safety paramount.

We stand united with brands, agencies, producers, talents and fellow suppliers as we continue to discover resourceful and creative ways to continue to produce quality material together while minimizing risks as much as possible.

Socially distant, yet digitally relevant. We can do that.

Part of our routine is checking our gear and making sure everything is in shooting condition. We perform scheduled maintenance through inspections, service checks, and component replacements based on technical requirements defined by our industry — even in these trying times. 

Safety and consistency is part of our core values as an imaging company. We naturally extend those values in our work environment.

Your safety is paramount in our work. Our productions follow additional safety protocols whether we are in quarantine or not. 

Physical distancing is a must, nobody enters the shoot without a mask (unless you’re a talent), and we wipe down all equipment during the shoot. Yes, we also take your temperature before we even start clicking. 

We carry out strict cleaning and disinfection procedures on all our equipment and also on our personnel using recommended and approved procedures from the Department of Health.